Fan Fiction

Let’s be honest shall we, Fan Fiction has a bad name.  I don’t blame that on anyone or anything in particular, but in the interest of honesty, I believe that the reason for this is due to that you’re basically writing something that has already been done.  And people go nuts about it.  I once read one that had all sorts of really…really, strange things happening that are not all G rated, or even R rated.  Think NR and you’re getting closer.  It always bugs me too.  I mean, come on, let’s be real shall we?

Actor and executive producer Richard Dean Ande...
Image via Wikipedia: One of my favorite TV actors. I grew up watching MacGyver which was where I was introduced to his work.

One of my favorite TV shows is Stargate SG-1.  Why?  Because I’m a huge fan of Richard Dean Anderson.

Love the guy, love his work…most of his work (everyone is allowed to have a bad choice now and again).  Mostly though, I think it’s a great and unusual idea.  It’s a show that just sparks the imagination and could possibly exist.  Honest, I really think that it could be possible.  Probably?  No, likely?  Absolutely not.  But, still.  It has potential.

Anyway, I’m guilty of writing fan fiction for this show though most pieces with one exception, I keep to myself.  Why? Well, again, in the interest of honesty, I’m one of those people that like to put myself in the show/story.  To throw myself in their world.  It’s totally unrealistic, but fun.  I do it for other reasons to, most which I won’t share.

One I will share however deals with the actual art of writing.  Basically, it’s how I practice.  I’m sure we all have moments when we sit down to write on our master pieces and find that we have nothing to add at the moment.  The inspiration, the flow, just isn’t coming through.  There are, in my opinion, three options available at that time.

1.  Write anything, even if it’s badly

2. Don’t write

3. Write something else

The problem with the first option is that I personally hate writing something badly just for the sake of writing to add to my original work because it eventually means I have to go back and redo it anyway.  That just irritates me to no end!  So I refuse to do that.

The problem with the second option is that if I get up to leave I have this little voice in my head chiding me for not doing my daily bit of writing.  After all, all the books I’ve read about writing agree on one thing, you should write every day.

So I go with option three and write bad fan fiction.  With that said, sometimes I write good fan fiction as well…..not that often, but I do manage to sneak it in.  So while I agree, fan fiction may not be the best outlet for creative writing, it shouldn’t be scorned quite as badly by those of us with aspirations of being published in my opinion.  If you’re going to write badly due to writers block, do it on something that isn’t going to come back and make you work harder.  That’s my thoughts about it anyway.  Interested in reading the one fan fiction that I’ve written?  See it here: The Hunted – SG-1


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