I almost forgot

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Writing to me, is a necessity.  Just one of those things that if it’s not done, if I don’t have a pen and paper or a computer near by to pound out some scene that I had envisioned, or fantasy that I had, I start going a bit nuts.  I get cranky, irritable, and sometimes just plain mean.  Which probably accounts for all the notebooks and pens around the house.  I even watch TV and write at the same time!

Yet, I admit, that it’s not always about content.  Most of my stuff that I’ve been writing for the last few years are for my own private enjoyment.  Little fantasies that have nothing to do with my own original content and that serve only to help pull me out of the situation of the day.  It’s therapy in a way.  I have another issue too, I get distracted from my own original stories by every day life beyond my family.  I say it that way because my family also helps recharge my battery (sometimes after they drain it, but that’s the whole point of a family anyway right?)

I do web and graphic design, I go to school, I sell Mary Kay.  Sometimes it literally feels like I’m being pulled in 50 different directions at once.  It’s enough to drive someone a bit batty.  Which is one of the reasons writing is such a necessity for me because it can help ground me again.

What I forgot until recently, is that writing can also help me fly.  Last month, in the middle of it, I got nailed with inspiration for a story.  It’s been so long since a truly unique concept smacked me upside the head that I literally forgot how consuming it can end up being.  That was, until two days ago when I had the first dream about it.  That’s when I know, the story is now stuck in my head.  Images, scenes, characters, are all parading into my head like ghosts waiting to be fleshed out by only me.  Any day now I just know that they’ll go from being half-formed to reality in my mind.

The most significant realization to come from this is the rush.  You know, the adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, rush that you get when you’re driving too fast, about to jump out of a perfectly safe airplane, or from a race that you just have to win.  Everyone has their own little trigger and while I wish I could race cars personally, I’m not sure it’ll be the same as what I get when a new angle of my newest story hits me.  I literally start to look like an insane woman who is in desperate need of a nicotine fix and can’t find a stinking lighter!  How do I know that?  Because I’ve been that woman too.

Anyway, I’ve started to remember, to feel it all again.  Yet, this time it doesn’t consume me like it did when I was a kid.  Normally I get impatient with the development phase and end up pounding out scenes at 85 wpm until I’m forced to stop due to my hand screaming at me that enough is enough.  This time though, I’ve only done that once and that was to give me a feel of how I want to proceed scene wise.  Did I want to just stick to one POV or did I want to go full monty?  Otherwise I’ve been cranking out character profiles, time line note cards, doing research and today I get to create my bad guys.  Ya

But as I write today, and every day after, I grin at the thought that I’m going to get my fix.


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