The vista of the mind

One of my favorite quotes about writing is from W.B. Kinsella:  “Use your imagination.  Trust me, your lives are not interesting.  Don’t write them down.”

I found this quote a few years ago.  Even created an image about it (see stage left) because I found it to be true, especially when it comes to my particular life.  Not to say that my life is boring because I find it interesting, and goodness knows that I find story ideas in the most surprising locations.  For example, my daughter once asked me what would happen if the power went out in a city that it’s in the sky.  My answer was that the city would fall (never said I wasn’t morbid at times) and it inspired a short story which I have to put here on my blog.

But when it comes down to it, I’m not one of those individuals who has something surprising or shocking come in to turn my world upside down like a bad soap opera daily.  Nope, mine is basic.  I get up, take care of the kids, do business or writing, feed family, struggle to remember to feed myself and deal with the daily grind.

See:  Not interesting.

Yet, I’m not bored with my life despite people thinking that I might be.  Especially when it comes to the daily grind.  The reason I’m not is because of my imagination.  I’ll admit, I talk out my dialog.  I see the actions as they happen, I block out fight scenes (even have roped my husband in helping me do so).  I live within the worlds I create and feel the emotions of the main characters at times as well.  I have one scene that deals with a death of a character that always sends me into tears because of her partner giving her comfort as she slips into the arms of death.  Chokes me up every time to the point that I have a sweet little voice asking me “Mommy, why are you crying?”  Answering is never easy for me.

Imagination Games
Imagination Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have found that my imagination, which I try to share as I can through my writing and my art, to be the tipping point in my life between boring and hum drum into an interesting visual world that is filled with conflicts, actions, and emotional pit falls that throw you into a whirlwind of change that is never the same.

So when I say I write not because I want to, but because I have to, I mean it…literally.


5 thoughts on “The vista of the mind

  1. I have read a number of great semi-autobiographical books, (by normal people, not prisoners on the run kind) to totally disregard the concept of writing about your own lives. It’s not an unimaginative experience either.

    But yes, without being able to see and observe the conflicts of someone else’s life, it is very difficult to have a good outlook towards your own.

    • I’ll agree, some people have very interesting lives but it’s usually seen and appreciated after the fact, but then I’m also not a big fan of non-fiction stories either so I guess it’s a personal choice.

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