Writer Hiatus vs Writer’s Block

Plane taking off
Plane taking off (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have this new theory about Writer’s Block and it directly ties into being a multi-faceted creative person, and by that I mean someone who has many different creative outlets.  This can include, such as much, someone who is a writer and a graphic/web designer.  Or someone who writes both stories and songs, or someone who jumps from one genre to another, or even the wood-carver and writer.  My point is that it ties into someone who directs their energy into many different types of creative projects… in short, probably every one.

My theory comes from personal experience.  At this moment I’m suffering from a lack of want.  The lack is to write.  I have to work on LwP, to continue editing and trying to get in more words to get to that elusive 50,000 as I’ve complained about often enough in the last month about.  Within that month I’ve dedicated close to every moment to writing, I’d even say it had been going on longer than that (dare I say for two months without fear of the Writing Gods striking me down?).

Now, I’m at the point where thinking about it makes me queasy, even reading a fiction book gives me the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I tried to tell myself it was due to the starting of the new job two weeks ago (has it really been that long???)  But in thinking about it this weekend when I had told myself “You will edit LwP!” and haven’t has brought up the question of why am I avoiding it like the black plague

The answer: I’m tapped out.  My creative juices have flowed toward writing long enough and has demanded a redirection.  So, my juices at the moment is flowing toward design.  I have, quite frankly, gone on hiatus.  That period where you take a break by running the other way as far and as fast as you can.  Just like the river in my analogy (look, a writing term and no queasy stomach, YAY), the tide has ebbed until it builds back into the need/urge/desire/obsession of spending almost every waking moment thinking about it.

This has caused me to evaluate the true cause of Writer’s Block and I propose, as you’re suppose to do in a theory, that the block doesn’t come from some psychological issue that requires us to push madly past it due to the age-old entreaty echoing in our brains “you must write daily” in the hope that we can shatter it into a thousand pieces.  Instead it comes from our minds need to take a break, to let the story marinate in the back of our minds where the subconscious lays, and to let the battery recharge.  I propose that we stop calling it a block, and call it a hiatus, the necessary vacation that will allow us to come back in full force.

I propose this because if we continue to treat the block/hiatus as the black plague, we will continue to fear it and pray that it never happens.  We will continue to try and run then, when it hits, torture ourselves with the hope that we can break it.  Even as I write this WordPress suggests articles that give resources to overcoming the block, how to deal with it, and my personal favorite, defeating the symptom.

Next time the feeling of being block appears, I say, see it for what it truly is, you are taking a vacation.


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