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Initially this was going to be a moan and whine post.  Why?  Because this last two months have not been what I call perfectly ideal.  There was good news and there was bad news.  The fact that I’m able to put good before bad is a good sign.  The thing is, and I find it to be true often, after I typed up all my gripes in a rather entertaining format, I found myself cleansed of them and realized that I really shouldn’t unload in my blog.  That’s what my journal is for.

However, let me recap the best and the worst just to get it over with.

Best:  My husband got selected for promotion!  YAY

Worst:  My computer got nailed with a Trojan which is totally my fault and I’ve kicked myself often enough for sheer stupidity.  Fortunately 98% of my files were saved and escaped any damage.  The rest of the 2% while annoying to have to recover and rewrite, it’s doable.

So there is my recap.  Less whiny than my initial post, but still useful to know.  Why?  Because while I feel that the specifics of my life are not worthy to be shoved into a story, I have found many times in the past that the emotions and the reactions to various scenarios in my life end up making it into my story.  If I’m angry I write a scene that’s angry either from a character standpoint or from a jacked up situation designed to really frustrate the hell out of someone.  I also tell any who wants to know that a bit of me is in everything I write.  Why?  Because I know what anger, rage, sadness, love, lust, happiness, and a whole host of emotions feel to me and using that knowledge I put it in because it’s therapeutic.

In the abstract, most people understand and nod in agreement.  I have a family member that is a classic example of this.  I tried to explain the full reality of this truth to them and when they asked me about the violence that has a tendency to sneak up into a story (Come on, blowing up a Mansion in Paris…violent) when its fitting in the type of story I admitted that yes, I have those tendencies.  The answer was that it’s not healthy (but in talking to a therapist years ago he said it’s the healthiest expression of it he knows of and the best part?  My readers benefit!)

But, and I believe any serious writer will back me up on this, when it comes to writing it’s more than just pouring every damn emotion in your capacity at the moment in the story to make it good.  If that was all that was to it, everyone would be great writers instead of ranging in a spectrum of please don’t write and when is the next book coming out damn it?

You know who I mean…

In truth, to be a modest to great writer, there is a system of approach.  The problem with talking about this system is that no one has the same system.  For some, brainstorming with bubbles work, for others writing the end before the beginning works.  I’ve mentioned in the past, there is no fast and hard system to make it happen.

BUT with that said, I believe it’s important for a writer to figure out their system of approach.  Which is what I need to do… sort of.

Right now I’d say that I’m at the point of where I know I have one, but if I was to describe it…not easy.  I can’t say I do step 1 to get to step 2.  I’m one of those people that go A, B, D, E, oh crap I need to do C and that’s when I’m having a good run at it.  When it’s bad it tends to look something like this:  A, E, M, why did I do M?, B, C, G… crap, I’m missing something.

So that’s my two systems and usually, on the average day, it falls somewhere in between though I don’t usually have the M in there.  For me, most of the time, it works, I go with the flow.  To do otherwise just make the job harder yet, I wonder if I’m somehow being less efficient due to my lack of concrete direction, but it’s one of those abstract thoughts that only show up just as I’m going to bed after typing up 2,000+ words… until now.

I’m working on a story with a friend who is more artist than writer so she’s relying on me to get her from A to E, hopefully in some type of order that makes sense…. Yeah, silly her, but it brought to my attention in the waking daylight that I really should figure out the best system of approach for me and actually stick to the damn thing…. for once in my life.  I say it that way because while I’m consistent in tackling any and all projects that flutter my way whether writing or art or web, my forward movement through the project varies like the way the wind blows.  I don’t want to ruin that open flow which allows me to come to startling answers to a problem that requires a new look, but I also don’t want to keep shooting blindly in the dark and hoping to hit the target the first time.

Which causes me now to beg indulgence to ask the other writers out there, what’s your system of approach????


2 thoughts on “System of Approach

  1. The ‘Writ’

    I write to make me feel better by having the reader enjoy what I write. I sit down and write following a vague idea of what I want. It is easier for me because I am older and my writings are my experiences, of which I have many but, the experiences are not the goal of the writing. The goal of the writing is the life lesson in the experience. The truth of the experience that becomes the climax of the story. The realization that the whole of the experience has revealed. Of course, it is fascinating to me. The trick is to write the ‘writ’ so the ‘writ’ is fascinating to the reader. This is where editing enters the equation. How I hate editing. If it dosen’t improve the writing it certainly will destroy it. We all have different ways to reach the ‘writ’.

    Thanks for letting me get my two cents in.

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