Oh, please…

P question
P question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a question.  No, really, and it’s not even a philosophical one.  It’s a general question about what do you look for in a blog about writing?

Do you look for someone who knows your pain?  Has gone slogging through the forest and missed the trees like you may have?  Someone whose jaw also aches from the grinding and the scalp that throbs from the hair pulling?


Do you look for someone to provide insight, knowledge, and/or, *gasp*, wisdom perhaps in broad strokes?


Do you look for tips and tricks of the trade?  A hint about the difference of point of view, story development, or character creation?


Do you look for all three?

I ask because I really want to know.  I won’t claim to say I know it all, but I will say that more than likely if I don’t know the answer or have some insight, I’ll be more than happy to point you in a direction that helped me.  Book reviews perhaps?  Or maybe a website or two that I have found useful?

Oh, the possibilities are endless of what might be sought for in a blog about writing!  Won’t you please tell me?  Oh, please, please tell me.  I want to know so that I can begin hatching plots… uh, I mean… plans, yeah, plans on what to post in the future.  Not to say that I’m running out of ideas, I tend to write what the wind tells me to write or perhaps it’s my muse that does all the talking.  Whatever, matters not, no, what does is your input, faithful readers.

So, please, oh please, tell me what you’d like to read or see in my blog so that I may better subver… um … help you.


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