I hate to wait!

Finish Line
Finish Line (Photo credit: jayneandd)

Last night, I finished draft 2 of Surrender.  The final line was a pain to write, wouldn’t come out right for an hour or so until, irritated, it flowed with the right cadence to match the beginning.

Normally, that’s unusual.  The last line is usually the easiest while the first line is the hardest.  For Surrender, it was reversed…  Go figure.

Anyway, I managed to finish it under the word limit.  According the contest I’m writing it for, it has to be 4,000 words or less.  I managed to end it at 3,332.  Yay me.  In the past that was extremely hard to do.  I have many stories in my arsenal that started as a short story that grew into a novel.  It’s fate I suppose.

The deadline for the contest is May 13 for entry.  Which gives me a little under a month to polish it to a shine before I hit the submit button then proceed to chew my fingernails until the results come out.  That’s the worst part in my opinion, waiting.  I hate it, passionately.  I hate waiting to hear from the agent that probably won’t answer, I hate waiting for the phone call to tell me the results of a test.  I even hate waiting for dinner to be brought to my table to eat.  Bring it to me already!

It’s a necessary evil though I suppose.  So I will polish Surrender to a shine, submit it then promptly try to forget that I did it.  That way, if I do win, I can be surprised by it.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do….

I hope.


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