Practice Makes… Better

Pov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to a POV, my initial instinct is to write my story in third person limited.  Not only does most of my stories support that POV, it’s the one I know how to write the best.  I started my stories in that POV so it’s comfortable.

But sometimes I find a story that can’t be told in that POV.  Doesn’t stop me from trying, but still, I find myself wandering back there.  Surrender is such a story, the problem that I have is that I usually suck at first person.  I tend to give up, but in recent years I haven’t.  It started with a piece called Fevered Dreams which follows a Vampire through her insanity.  It’s a weird piece.  Kind of a psychological roller coaster that is designed to have this feeling of “What the f—?”

It took me forever to write it not only because of the nature of the piece that is reliant completely on imagery, but also because it is in First Person.  My problem is that I always end up putting more information than is relevant so I had to keep cutting huge chunks.  In the end it was worth it, but really caused my head to spin.  Since then I’ve written one or two other pieces that are in first person before Surrender.  I think one of them is here on this blog, but it may not be.  It’s called The Day the City Fell which was inspired by my daughter.

Why share all of this?  Because I am finding that the more I try to write in this particular POV the easier it is to write it.  Surrender took half the amount of time that Fevered Dreams took and while I won’t say that it is perfect, it’s definitely easier to put myself in the character’s head.  Only one problem though:

I tend to dream as if I was the character instead of myself…. Can we say freaky?


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