Location, Location, Location

Red Door
Red Door (Photo credit: Knilram)

Picture this:  A house, a bit small, especially when you have two adults, two kids, two dogs, and a cat.  When you have people come over the house gets smaller fast.  The kitchen is a joke, the dining room isn’t too bad, but then comes the living room.  Designed originally to have an entertainment center, a TV (of course), and sitting.  If it had only that the house probably wouldn’t feel too small.

But no, not for this particular family because the adults are both electronic junkies to varying degrees.  To make it even more interesting, one is attending college online to be a Software Programmer and the other is a Writer and a Graphic/Web Designer.  Computers = lifeblood.  I’m sure you understand.  Because these two adults need their computers so much and need more than a laptop can provide, they have computers with desks designed to optimize space, but are still rather large.

As I’m sure you can picture, the living room has become squished.

But this picture is a reality for my family and the main problem, the biggest issue that I have for our office space… no door.  Yeah, dogs, husband, kids, in-laws, various stimuli ranging from the mundane to the “What the hell?” happens in the living room.  It’s the central location for all the nuttiness of the family.

This scene probably isn’t that hard for you to imagine as I’m sure this is similar to what a lot of people have to deal with.

Going on the assumption that most do relate to this scene.  The main problem with this scene is that when you get hit upside the head with a great idea for a story, being able to focus on it so you can write it down, can be extremely difficult.  So now, picture a door.  A huge door, spanning the entrance way of where the office is.  You can close it, you can lock it.  You can put a damn sign on it.

Sigh… give me a minute, I’m imagining the potentials……


Yep, that was damn nice.

Anyway, I mention this because sometimes, when your home situation doesn’t give you a door, you start trying to find alternatives.  I don’t know about anyone else, but sitting on the bed trying to write is impossible, same problem with sitting outside.  For me, I have found that my office at work is perfect.  It’s quiet, it’s isolated, and I can play my music however damn loud I like if I’m off duty.  True, I have to take my own laptop and can’t use my office computer, and the drive to the office can be a bit annoying, but I can handle it.

As a writer, it is best to find what you can, do what you need to, to help you with your passion.


3 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

  1. Very true! And when you do find that space, you want to guard it with your life! Thanks very much for the link to my blog – much appreciated! Best wishes, Jade.

    • Like a bear protecting their cub! Very true. I am hoping that soon, if things go as we are planning, that I’ll have my door where I’ll put the following sign: Warning! Mom at work! Provide suitable coffee bribe before entering!

      Thanks for reading and responding, I appreciate it.

      • Ohhh… sounds good! Can just picture the office space…. have even picked out my sofa (you know, for relaxing and letting the creative juices flow…lol) and the pictures for the walls…! Ah, dream on.. Hope you get yours soon!! 🙂

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