Contemplating a Habit

I’m not one to bite my nails.  Not even when I was a kid did I try to gnaw on them.  I’ve been trying to break my kids of the habit, but this weekend, I think I might give into having a little nibble.


Because I’m participating in a workshop called Agent One-on-One where an Agent (a real live one) will look at my first 10 pages of Memory Lane, give me feedback and advice, then answer questions to my hearts content.  It started with a wonderful lecture that blew me away, truly fascinating.  The thing is that she covered things I already knew, but how she did it gave me a new perspective.  Here, let me give you an example.

Tying your shoes.

We’ve been doing it for years right?  We all have our own unique way of doing it, and even working on our kids can be an exercise in frustration since we’ve been doing it for so long.  Now, imagine for a moment that you took a class about tying your shoes.  You figure it’d be easy, right?  You know how to do this!  Only to sit in the class entranced because your instructor takes you through the process in a way that brings a new light to the process.  Instead of doing right over left, you try left over right.  What do you get?  A new way of tying your shoe that is faster than your current process.

Watching this lecture was a bit like that.  My ‘ah ha’ moment from the past in reading about it went to ‘AH HA, now I get it!’

After the lecture, I edited my first 10 pages and managed in only a few hours to change it into something ten times more powerful that makes me want to reread the story again.  Finishing that, I promptly sent it to my instructor/agent, meaning that now I have to wait until Sunday for her review.

Sunday Morning


Yikes, I’m going to be a nervous wreck all weekend…

Excuse me while I go and contemplate the idea of nibbling on my nails again…


2 thoughts on “Contemplating a Habit

  1. Good luck! I feel your impatience. I’m waiting for various editors to reply to me. Tis a fine balance between enquiring whether they’ve read your work yet or becoming a needy pain in the arse. x

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