Once again…

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Life Without Parole is one of those stories that continues to amaze me.  Not because of the content, or the idea in my head, but with how it is forming up.  It’s the first story where I found myself struggling to add words unlike the usual knife twisting gut reaction to cutting words.  It is also unlike any of the other stories I’ve written in that it’s mostly drama minus the usual action scenes that typically populate my stories.  No spies, no killing except for what the bad guy is in jail for.  Essentially Life Without Parole is my enigma in a way.

Well, sure enough, it’s surprised me again.

Starting on Friday, I am taking vacation for a full week so that I can enjoy my birthday in peace (no work is always peaceful) and I am planning on making it a personal writing retreat.  While the kids are at the youth center, my husband is at work, I’m going to spend 5 glorious days sitting in front of my computer writing.  I can’t wait.

In anticipation of that, however, I’m doing some prep work.  I’m planning on working on both Ancient Magic which is still in the first draft stage and Life Without Parole which is… was… in the fifth draft stage.  Figured I’d break my day in half between creation and editing.  The prep work was reading the manuscript and boy was I in for a surprise.  For all the stories that I have finished, short or novel, I have enjoyed and liked all of them no matter how much time has passed from when I started to the fifth draft.

Until now.

I broke it out, got four chapters in and realized… I hate it.

Okay, maybe hate is a bit too strong.  I really dislike the way it reads which is interesting, but honestly, if I’m bored with it, my readers would be to.  So now I find myself going back through my notes from when I wrote it so I can figure out a different approach.  Sigh.  I mean, really?  REALLY?

Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I don’t want to scrap it because the story is good, but I’m also not sure if I want to rework it all over again.  I’d love advice, suggestions, ideas… comments????


6 thoughts on “Once again…

  1. It’s tricky – but it sounds like you have read this book through so many times and that you are so familiar with it that in some ways, that is what is causing the dislike. I read Twelve Days so many times to the point where I thought it was so bad that I just wanted to bin it. I took a breather and then asked a couple of other people to read it, fresh eyes, and that’s what kind of made me fall in love with it again. Perhaps you need to ask someone else to look at it to give you a fresh perspective? And maybe ask them to critique on the particular areas you are worried about?? 🙂

    • That’s a reasonable theory as I definitely had something similar happen with Memory Lane in that I got so sick of Alex and Mark that I wanted to throw it across the room, but I still enjoyed the story. With this one, on the other hand, I’m finding it boring and dull. So far, I’m going to keep reading it just in case to see how it all turns out. I may find that as I go through the last part of it my feelings could change. If I do find that my feeling for it hasn’t changed I may go ahead and send it to someone who hasn’t read it yet from my usual beta readers to get a fresh perspective. Know anyone who may be interested??? 😀

  2. UPDATE: So I finished reading LwP and I find that my hate ended after Chapter 4. From Chapter 5 to the end I found myself caught back up into the story with the interplay and interaction between the characters. It’s fun, sassy, and filled with enough suspense to pull you from one to the next. Which means, only chapters 1 through 4 need to be reworked. I expected Chapter 1 because it’s all Sela and her memories. The introduction without any action which is not good, but learning the other three chapters need work as well is a combination of relief and dread.

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