Versatile Blogger Award

major-awardImagine my surprise, in the middle of my debunk moment a week ago to receive this glorious reply to a post telling me that I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.  Sadly, due to my emotional mismanagement when I saw it I probably didn’t have quite the response that was expected so forgive me for a moment while I jump up and down like a fool…

…… /me dances ……

(panting) Okay, that was my 15 minutes of exercise, whoo hoo.  (Seriously, I just finished three songs on Just Dance 3 and my legs and shoulder currently hate me, but I did it!!!)

So rule number 1 is to thank the lovely lady who gave it to me.  Everyone, give a warm welcome to the lovely Sarah Evans, a young writer working on her first book (I think) with interesting characters that captivate attention.  She’s a charmer and an interesting blogger…which makes sense since she had the award first before seeing fit to nominate me.  Isn’t she wonderful???  😀  (We’ll over look that I’m at the bottom of the list, it just means I’m her most recent addiction… he he)

Honest, thanks Sarah, it really did help cheer me up when I needed it.

Rule #2 is … make that #3:  Nominate an additional 15…  Wow, hmm, where to start.  So many people.  I’d like to first nominate my husband who doesn’t blog, but he does cheer me on.  My parents for being encouraging to my dreams, Mrs. English Teacher in Freshman year… hmm….

What?  *whispering*  OH!  I’m supposed to nominate blogs!  Right, I, uh, knew that…. *clears throat*

So my list of competitors… uh … inspiring bloggers…

  1. Courage 2 Create
  2. The Artist’s Road
  3. A Place That Does Not Exist
  4. pheonixwings2
  6. Live to Write – Write to Live
  7. Jade’s Jungle
  8. Pheonixwings Random Thoughts
  9. Heather E. Wright
  10. Cristian Mihai

Okay, it’s ten, but I’m working on adding more to my list.  Give them all a warm hand, I promise to post a notice to them as soon as I get my hand out of the sugar jar…

The final rule to this is to list 7 things that is interesting about me… 7?  Really?  I’m lucky to come up with 2 and now you all want 7????  Sheesh, can’t make anyone happy let alone writers.  *shakes head*

1.  Obviously, I have a very silly sense of humor as if you couldn’t tell above.  Sometimes I’m irreverent, other times I’m ridiculous, but most of the time I’m sarcastic.  I can’t help it, I even get in a good joke sometimes.  I think I could make it pretty well as a comedian but only if I have to vent or ad lib the whole bloody show, but I get the feeling I’m the only one who thinks that…

2.  I love the idea of multiple realities and plan, hopefully, to one day do a story where that is a central theme to it.  The idea of there being an infinite number versions of me who followed different roads boggles my mind.  See if you can picture it.  In this version I’m a graphic and web designer trying to get published, in a second I’m published, in a third I’m a best-selling author, in a fourth I never joined the military, in a fifth I never left the military, in a sixth I’m a physicist…. the list goes on.  The potential, the glory, the idea that the question of ‘what if’ is moot tickles my funny bone.

3.  I’m a nerd… as if you didn’t notice that either.  Dang it, I keep listing things that are either easy to figure out or I already said.  Number 4 will be better, promise…

4.  ….. Um …. Hmm.

fire poi expo

5.  I love how fire looks.  I don’t think I can possibly explain how much I love watching a flame.  I love the way it looks, the way it moves.  It’s fascinating and it is never the same from one fire to the next.  Now, before anyone panics, I won’t do anything stupid or foolish to set something on fire that’s not supposed to be on fire or have one in it.  Chimneys, fire pits, grills, candles, things like that I light and enjoy, but I would never be reckless, promise.

6.  I am a card shark, when playing with other experienced card players.  Once upon a time I also knew how to stack the deck, not any more mind you because I’m an honest person, but I was young and stupid back then.  I won’t take my kids to the cleaners, but there was this one time when I was younger and I played a certain type of poker and I made sure I won.  It was worth it too.  😀

7.  Apparently, according to my husband, I may think I’m a loner and a non-social butterfly when in fact I am quite social.  Which I have to agree with to a point.  I like small gatherings, not parties, and I like to talk to people.  As long as I have my space…

And there you have it folks.  Again, with sincerity despite my flippant tone, thank you Sarah, it’s truly appreciated!


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