Universe, who?

Dream…. (Photo credit: Str1ke)

You know that introduction for movies based on comic books that flips through the comic in question to show cool pictures fluttering by so fast you can only recognize one or two images before it fades into a title screen?  I woke up yesterday morning with that in my head… at 6:30 in the freaking morning.  Considering I’m usually up at 7:15ish, that was annoying.  My mind raced to a point that I said $#@! and got up.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have a silent house, but I would much rather had the extra 30 minutes.  The flipping in my head was of images of people I’ve met.  Not know, but met in passing.  A woman I had seen maybe twice in a hospital happened to show up at the gas station.  I could tell we both had that she looks familiar recognition and normally we would have left it at that, but out of my mouth popped.  “Hey!  How are you?”  Polite conversation ensues then roll on as if nothing happened.  That’s been happening a lot to me though lately.  Not the convo, but small nudges, hints, or down right smack me upside the head patterns.

Reminds me of an abortive knock knock joke:

“Knock, knock.”

“Whose there?”


“Universe, who?”

The problem is, I’m not sure on the answer yet.  Lately I’ve seen images of water everywhere, the word query or search pops up with regular frequency.  Ideas that come to mind about making changes in my life start appearing everywhere.  For example, I’ve agreed to my husbands proposal of doing 15 minutes of exercise every work week (Monday through Friday) and what followed was mention of 15 minutes in some context.  A meeting agenda item should be finished in 15 minutes, it should only take you 15 minutes to drive there.  It’s 15 miles away… You get the idea.

I’m not a big fan of coincidences, but I am of the belief that when the Divine, or the Universe, wants me to know something, it will do whatever is necessary to get my attention.  Since I can be quite thick-headed, it probably takes a whole lot of effort sometimes.  With that said, I think the Universe takes private joy in making it harder than it should be.  If you were to picture a person there I’d imagine they have a hand over their mouth as they snicker before turning to their partner in crime.  “Watch this, it’s going to be hilarious!”

Dream (Photo credit: jbelluch)

Don’t believe me?  Check this action out:  A week or so ago I had a dream about being changed into two different stones.  The front was jade, the back was obsidian.  It was slowly creeping over my chest to my shoulders and hit my neck before I woke up.  No, I don’t know, but it means something otherwise I wouldn’t remember it after this length of time.

You know, for kicks and giggles, let’s look up those two dream symbols.  As I wasn’t able to find one on “Turning into a stone” we’ll break it into Jade and Obsidian:

Jade – To see jade in your dream indicates growth, healing power, purity, harmony, luck, immortality, and truth. It refers to the shaping and development of your personality. (1)

Obsidian – To see obsidian in your dream suggests that you are well-grounded or that you need to be more grounded. Alternatively, obsidian is symbolic of grief and mourning. (2)

Hmm, okay, let’s see, this took place after the writing contest news so I’m going to assume that obsidian on my back was probably about being upset about the results.  Jade is inspiring, an encouraging little symbol… Put them together and what do I see in this?  I’m either stuck or I’m about to get unstuck… I’m hoping for the second.


Yeah, that was helpful… Once again I’m forced to ask:  “Universe, can you please be a little more blunt?  Pretty please with sugar on top?”

Citation not in MLA or any other type of format:
(1) and (2) – http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/


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