Pen vs Keyboard

Question Time!  Ohh, I love asking questions, I’d list it in my top 5 favorite hobbies.  So please, please, please, satisfy my curiosity!!!

Of course, if anyone has a question for me, please ask.  I’ll answer any I can and you may even inspire a post… okay, enough of a plug for more comments, time to knuckle down.

Lately I have developed a new habit that, well, to be honest, surprised me though I suppose it shouldn’t have.  Let me explain the situation before I share what the habit is.

Last week, I think on Monday, I finished doing the last check on Memory Lane so that my husband can read the final draft.  During the last few years of working on the editing of this bloody book I’ve been trying to motivate myself into writing the second book, Crescent Knights (CK).  I have a total of 5 botched attempts.  I did the outline, I know how and where it’s supposed to go though it’s a little on the sketchy side, but when I tried to flesh it out…

BOOM or a new phrase of mine EPIC FAIL!  Cue tears.

So I put it on the back burner, worked on other writing projects to let CK percolate until I was ready to be a writing machine.  Only last week did I realize the problem.  I wasn’t done with Memory Lane, it wasn’t in a place where I was completely and utterly satisfied, until now.  I can’t see any way to improve or adjust the story.  I’m happy… boy did that feel weird to say about one of my writing projects.  Usually something has to nag at me, but I don’t feel that urge any more.

Which means, it’s done.  Unless I have an agent/editor saying “change this or it won’t get published” I’m finished with Memory Lane.  Go me!!!

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in curs...
Image of a modern fountain pen writing in cursive script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The very next day I was in the store to pick up some healthy snacks for the office and wandered into the aisle with notebooks.  Without thinking about it I picked one up plus a pen just in case I didn’t have one I could use.  By the end of the day I had Chapter 1 done and half of Chapter 2 finished.  It’s the bare bones, mostly dialog and actions of the people but lacking in significant detail description (the office hadn’t changed in 15 years, the house had an open layout) but nothing super specific.  I’m now finished with Chapter 2 and halfway through Chapter 3.

What is odd (and cool) is that I haven’t put it in the computer yet.  I also don’t feel inclined to put it in either.  Now, normally, I write my original stuff on the computer and leave the fan fiction to the notebook when I’m in front of the TV.  Usually I do that because I want to write, but can’t focus adequately on creating something original.  For CK though I am writing around the kids, around the TV, around the husband when he’s playing his games.  It’s pouring out of me like a water spigot.  I’m even dreaming about it already.

But it begs the question, why is CK working so well in a notebook when my usual writing projects don’t or won’t.  Is it possible that the story isn’t a driving need to be told yet or am I not as serious about those as I am about CK?  Curious questions that I may never get an answer for, but I’m actually thinking that it doesn’t matter one bit.

Oh, but in relation to the gossip for my story.  In CK apparently love is in the air.  Mark (Alex’s partner) is dating another character in the book, the good Doctor may be a love interest for Alex (or about to be a really good friend with benefits, who knows).  Characters that were only mentioned, alluded to, or had a short three paragraph role in Memory Lane are coming out to play.  It’s so exciting!!!!


2 thoughts on “Pen vs Keyboard

  1. And that is the beauty of the flow of words – characters take on a life of their own and then the storyline just develops beyond anything that you ever thought. I can’t comment on why you are writing better in pen and ink though, I always type because I can type faster than I write and then would only have to type it up anyway! 🙂

    • That’s me too, I type close to the speed of my thoughts so I can keep up with it and I feel the same too, I’ll end up typing it up anyway. For some reason though I think it’s happening so that I can write it any where and any time without waiting for the perfect moment. It’s the only explanation I have at the moment, if I come up with something else I’ll let you know 😀

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