An interesting article

I found this Friday while writing my post about characters.  It’s an article/blog post about Strong Female Characters.  The title threw me off and I was prepared to be angry about the topic because its;  “I hate Strong Female Characters.”

The title irritated me because one of my biggest complaints about books and the movie industry (more movies than books though) which has started to change and adapt is the lack of female characters that take center stage.  Dare I say I’m guilty of being angry at a lack of strong female characters, but to be honest, my understanding of those three words strung together may mean differently than what the average viewer may attribute to it.  Specifically, the word strong.

To me it’s not about being physically strong, but to have independence, to be able to carry the story with the same dignity and allure as male characters typically do.  A lot of my favorite books have female characters that have a presence.  They hold their own and sometimes even outshine the men in the story.  A fantastic example of this is Laurell Hamilton with both her Anita Blake series and Meredith Gentry series.  Both have women characters that take center stage with their own issues, complaints, problem, etc.

Before this article, I called them strong, but in thinking about the meaning of the word, perhaps it is a misnomer.  Perhaps the term should fall into disuse when relating to characters, male or female.  It’s a question that should be evaluated on a deeper level I think, especially by writers.  Where do we place the women in our stories?  What is their purpose?  Their game plan?

Please, take some time to read it, it’s long but worth it in my opinion despite the title.  I guess, considering a post written by Jade recently about titles, it did the job in causing me to read it.  In the meantime I’m going to continue to ponder what she wrote and maybe later I’ll have something more to say on it.  We’ll see.


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