Tweet, Tweet

Tweety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I twat I taw a putty tat!  I did!  I did!”

Ah, Tweety Bird, sometimes I miss you so much.  Loved that little guy when I was a kid and I remember having a big night-shirt with him on the front and on the back was Silvester.  Yep, good times.

Now, sadly, tweeting doesn’t mean a bird or a lot of birds.  It’s social media.  It’s little choppy – bad grammar on most occasions – hash tag riddled sentences… If you can call them sentences that is.  You see, I have a blind spot in my understanding of language.  I lack the ability to learn foreign languages.  I’m so bad that after two years of taking German in High School my teacher gently suggested that I don’t come back for my Junior year.  So I learned sign language which I picked up rather quickly.

This difficulty of mine continues to text speak I believe it’s called.  You know things like:  “U R Gr8!”  Huh?  I got the U R bit, saying it tells me that but Gr8???  I had to have a young teenager explain it to me.  Considering I was 22 when I came across it I found that to be a bit depressing.  Ten years later and my understanding of it hasn’t improved one iota.

As I research freelance writing and marketing my work if I decide on self-publishing Life Without Parole I am learning that I can no longer avoid this phenomena called Twitter.  I prefer Tweety not Twitter, but apparently I have to bite the proverbial bullet.

Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m going to put it off as long as I can, but there are two things of amusement that I wish to point out at this time about my general hesitation on branching out into this new arena.

1.  I realize that as a web designer many believe I have an intimate and deeper knowledge/understanding of the use of Twitter, but I don’t.  I’ve heard one too many horror stories of tweets gone wrong (like this sentence) to cause me to advice clients that if you use Twitter remember Elmer Fudd:  “Be vewy vewy” careful.

2.  My mom is a tweeter now (dare I say avid) and understands it better than I do – the same woman who felt that texting was a waste of time for a while.

If neither of those doesn’t send you into gales of laughter, your sense of humor is not tuned toward irony as of yet.


And now, a personal favorite.  Question time!!!!


2 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet

  1. Excellent as ever Jess. I use Twitter because I feel like I should but I hardly ever remember to go on it. I used to tweet a lot and built up a following pretty quickly but now I just rely on my blog posts going on there which really doesn’t do much at all. It’s like everything social media related, it’s a massive drain on your time and energy and the benefits are difficult to quantify. 🙂

    • Yeah I am that way with Facebook which frustrates some people because they try sending important things to me on it even though I tell them to email it.

      Speaking of which I have to send you an email. If I don’t in the next few days remind me ok? 🙂

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