Wracking my brains


Well, it’s been almost a month since my last post, which I duly apologize for.  I could give a long litany of reasons for it, but ultimately only one counts.  I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to write.  Using the word frustrating doesn’t quite capture reality in this instance.  I’ll start in two paragraphs for anything and find myself tapering off into nothingness.

At first, I thought I was tapped out.  Then I thought it was because life has gotten in my way.  More than likely it’s both.

While not being able to post to my blog is discouraging, it’s not as frustrating as not being able to write my sequel Crescent Knights or be able to come up with a single topic to write for Yahoo! Voices, which I’ve joined in the last month.  I keep trying to come up with an article topic, get a few paragraphs in then become disgusted with it and walk away.  The hard part is that each article has to be between 350 to 500 words.  I’m also a perfectionist with my writing.  I believe that if don’t like it, why would anyone read it?

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself, I’m not sure.

Instead, I’m going to reach out and ask for suggestions.  It has to be non-fiction, though it can be opinion based.  I’m, literally, wracking my brains and getting no where so instead I’ll come here and call out…


I’m sure once I get that first article written then I’ll be okay to become a writing machine, but right now I’m floundering like a fish out of water….


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