Self-publish questions

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All I keep hearing these days is how Self Publishing may be the best way to go for a number of reasons:

1.  The market is tight which means that Agents and Publishers are less likely to look at the newbie (i.e. me) as opposed to the previously published author.

2.  You get more of the profits

3.  You have more control (to a control freak like me, can we say appealing?)

I’m sure there are other reasons (and please feel free to share them).

So far though I’ve avoided it despite every person who hearing that I’m a writer saying it immediately with “Wow, what do you write?”  “Have you tried self-publishing?”  The problem is, well, actually there are two problems.  The first is I want to do it the old fashion way.  The second problem is that I know very little and what books I do find on it talks more about non-fiction than fiction.  The sites I find are trying to get me to go with them.  I do know a few of the cons however:

1.  You have to do the marketing for it.

2.  You have to pay for it.

3.  You have to spend more time trying to get people to buy it instead of writing the next book.

Tip of the iceberg too I bet.  But as you can see, I know very little so I have to ask:  Is there a website or a book that has a list of resources in a central location about self-publishing to answer questions for people like myself who are on the fence.  Who see more cons than pros or are purely stubborn?  (For inquiring minds, I’m both btw).  If not, would one be useful?


6 thoughts on “Self-publish questions

  1. I don’t know of any one resource that will answer all of your questions, because there are multiple ways of self-publishing. I, personally, did just about everything myself. I did the formatting for the e-book and the print book, and I made my own cover (using a photograph that my roommate took). So I didn’t pay anything out of pocket to publish my books. I have spent money of promotion (much of it, alas, wasted.)

    My advice would be to find self-published authors whose work you admire, and cultivate them as resources. I know quite a few here on WordPress, and we tend to brainstorm together, to ask how other people do it, and to share ideas.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone has all the answers because we are all still making this up as we go. For my own part, I don’t feel that traditional publishing is really an option for me, my work is far enough outside of the standard genres that I don’t think a traditional publisher would take it.

    Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have, via my contact page. I can share my own experiences, but I would urge you to ask as many authors as you can, and decide what answers are best for you.

    • I guess that’s kind of my point, that we’re all stumbling in the dark. I agree that our own personalities and what will work with our lifestyles as they are will vary, surely having some type of correlation of resources wouldn’t be a bad thing for people asking the question.

      I don’t think a single resource is the answer, but if we have a site that has a list of links to the resources, much like how writers’ market has a list of agents, it would give a concrete starting point. It could also serve as a forum, a place to do the brainstorming so it’s centralized, easy to navigate and locate for anyone who is interested.

      I’m just brainstorming an idea of course….

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