Admit to it, you’ll feel better

The Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne, is...

For the last few days I’ve been trying to post something here.  I’ve started and dismissed several topics ranging from the retirement of Life Without Parole for the time being to multi-tasking and yes, even self-publishing.  To be honest, the last few months has been a series of start and stop of many things (even started a post of whining over my migraines).  I firmly believe that we all have ups, downs, and the in between.  Life is a roller coaster and personally I hate roller coasters.  I also hate routine.

Yes, I know I’m a walking contradiction, but oddly enough I like it.  Anyway –

The last week and a half though I have taken a bite at the bullet and signed up at Twitter.  For anyone who may be interested it’s @Jess_McClary.  So far, though my time there is short and will probably be like my time on Facebook, I find that it can serve as a resource that never occurred to me until now.  Like, did anyone know, that you can find and learn about agents who are looking for new writers the very moment they make the announcement?  Tips and blog posts with interesting tidbits, webinars, and various events newly announced?

Yeah, I’m not surprised that you did.  On a surface level I knew it too, but the bloody light bulb didn’t click on until I signed up.  Why didn’t anyone, when I complained about it, point that out to me?  I almost want to throw a tantrum that would rival my 6-year-old’s tantrums (which can be quite spectacular).  Damn it, spinning my wheels for months when this knowledge could have been pouring in at my fingertips once a week????

*bangs head metaphorically against the keyboard since it already hurts*

During this time, I have also begun to streamline my office – well my half of the office anyway – to be more conducive to writing.  You know, get rid of the junk mail, file the bills, throw away the trash, dust the screen, get my notes out… that fun stuff.  I’m also cleaning in my computer as well to hide away anything that is distracting.  Like, for example, Life Without Parole.  I’m retiring the @*$#&$#* story.  I could trot out all my reasons, but in truth reading past posts will serve you better.  The final nail in LwP’s coffin came in this article by K.M. Weiland that I found at (yep, you guessed it) Twitter: 3 Signs You Should Give Up on Your Story.

Reasons 2 & 3 did it, but I’m not killing it, I’m only putting it away for 10 to 15 years … that may be a slight exaggeration, but I doubt it … until I’ve matured a bit more as a writer.  It’s a great story, but when I begin calling it my Achilles Heel, well, it’s time to say farewell.

In doing this cleaning, I started thinking about how many projects should I have available at my fingertips in relation to my writing.  Should I focus on only one, Crescent Knights perhaps?  Or should I focus on two like Crescent Knights and Ancient Magic?  Two different stories, both in the first draft stage.  Or should I focus on one in the first draft and another that is being edited?

No, can’t do that because then I’d have to haul out LwP again which is unacceptable…

And around I go again.  See, I’m, I believe the term is, a “hot mess!”

The irony is that I know I’m screwy.  I’m a writer.  I’m not a person to make absolute statements as I find that gets me in trouble, but I’m going to be daring today.  I’m going to say it, I hear the dare to do it so I’ll take it.


They just don’t admit it.  To be fair, it’s not limited to only writers, but I’m not going to push the envelope too far yet.  I’m not that deranged… yet.

But in a way, I find it liberating to admit in public, on something that will remain forever that I’m a bit on the wacky side of life.  I have a strange sense of humor, my stories are a different twist on old stories (yes, I know writer’s say that all the time, leave me alone).  In a way, it feel good to do it.

I dare You

SO, I have a dare for everyone who reads my blog.  I dare you to post, in a public forum.  It can be as a comment, on your blog, Facebook, Twitter – take your pick – something wacky about yourself.

In fact, I have created the image above and will also add that if anyone wishes to use the image to make a dare, feel free!  Dare away, start a fad.  In fact, you should post the image below when you do answer my dare then tell me that you’ve done it so I can see the answer.

He he, should be fun to see how many do this (probably only one or two, but still fun!



7 thoughts on “Admit to it, you’ll feel better

    • I am finding that a lot of creative people deal with both types, usually in combination. I think it is because so much of who we are goes into what we are doing that it literally us like we are bearing our souls.

      Thanks for replying! Post the I answered a dare picture if you would like. You earned it as it wasn’t an easy dare to answer. 🙂

  1. Only just picked up this post – I have too many wacky traits to count! I haven’t blogged at all this week so I will give this some thought and perhaps theme a post around it next week. 😀

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