Chicken and Egg

Conferences.  Workshops.  Network, network, network.

Cue scream!

A generic white chicken egg.

A popular philosophy question is which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  You need the egg to make the chicken but you need the chicken to make the egg.  Same problem when it comes to writing.  I’m trying to get published and the experts say you have to get known, be seen and heard.  To do that, you have to be noticed by going to the conferences, attending the workshops.  To do that you need the money which means you get the job so you have the money, but now you need the time.  Which is taken up by the job to get the money so you can go.  Depending on the job will depend on whether you have the vacation time to go to the conferences and/or workshops.

Oh, but now let us throw in the family.  When you have to pay bills, food, clothes for two growing children and husband (yes, they are still growing too), dogs, cats, in-laws – and in this economy who in the hell has $200 to a grand to throw to a conference for three days????

Struggling to remove my emotional frustration at the moment, I can’t fault the industry or assign blame to it for creating this situation.  It’s been in place long before the economy went to hell in a hand basket, and clearly for many it has worked.  There is a lot that can be said for the networking and I’ve seen the benefit at my place where I work.  I see the logic of it.

Factor my emotions back into it through and all I want to do is scream.  I can deal with the disappointment though by telling myself if I save for it then perhaps I can go next year for the bigger conferences until I see an online workshop which doesn’t require me to go anywhere.  If we assume I’m smart enough to start a fund for such eventualities and hadn’t needed to dip into it for emergencies and I find one that sounds appealing the organizers have one final nail to hammer into my frustration.

The time of day.

I found a workshop that sounds like it could be useful, interesting, and heck, helpful to me at this stage of my pursuit of being published.  A workshop for developing my pitch.  I’m horrible with it as I tend to stutter through it as if I don’t know how to talk about it (though in reality I probably only need a workshop on how to talk with strangers).  The problem is that it is being held during the week between 1 and 3!!!!!

Norman Wisdom Laughing
Norman Wisdom Laughing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s not like I can go to my boss and say, “Hey, can I take three hours off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so I can attend a workshop?”

Cue bosses laughter before deadpan response of “No.”

What the hell?!?!?  The parts of the workshop that has reading and working on my stuff independently without audience participation isn’t the problem, but at a point during these days there is an opportunity to be on live with experts to talk with them about the pitch.  I repeat: live.  As in, I have to be on the message board at that time.  At work, that’s a no-no!  Don’t do it!  My job gets irritated if I have a personal call on my business line, how will they react if I have to participate in a live chat for something unrelated to my job?

To be honest though, if this was the first time such a situation had occurred, I wouldn’t be this pissed and upset, but it’s happened before.  In fact, this is the third workshop I’ve had to bypass because of this problem.

I really do wish I knew what I’m supposed to do.


3 thoughts on “Chicken and Egg

  1. I so hear your frustration and I can relate to it. The same applies here, the conferences and workshops cost a fortune. I have yet to recoup the expenses of publishing The Beginning so I am already in debt and there is no way that I can afford any other expenses. We spend hours on social media building a platform but it is just relentless and then you don’t get any time to write. I wish I knew what the answer was too Jess. Whenever either of us work it out then we’ll have to be sure to let the other know! 🙂

    • It is a cycle that we keep trying to tell ourselves there is a way out of, but sometimes I wonder. No worries though, if I find a solution or a balance I will share. Sigh. It is comforting to know it isn’t only us though right?

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