TLC for me?

English: Author: Irish Tug of War Source: (OWN)
English: Author: Irish Tug of War Source: (OWN) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me time.  A phrase that means (according to the trusty dictionary): the time a person has to himself or herself, in which to do something for his or her enjoyment.  It’s used often to the point that defining it has no point beyond being fun to do.  In fact, if I was to walk up to a random person on the street and ask “What do you do for your ‘me-time’?” They’d answer without hesitation.

Friends, family, my husband.  Hell, probably my dog if she could talk would have an answer to the question.  Which is good, because that time is for TLC purposes.  A way for us to regenerate from the hectic nature of our lives.  We live in a constant state of tug-of-war that makes us want to scream and fight.  We don’t because we look forward to that brief moment of TLC.  It’s bliss.

Okay, so, probably right about now you might be asking, why am I stating the obvious?  What’s my point?  Well, I’ve come to realize that me-time for, well, me, seems to lack in many areas.  As you know, TLC stands for Tender Loving Care.  For my husband, for example, turning the music up as he plays Aion or Guild Wars 2 gives him that escape.  That’s only one example, but it suffices.

Until recently, I was classifying my writing as “me-time”.  I figure writing puts me in focus.  It allows me to release whatever is bothering me.  It’s a sanctuary for me because that is where it always makes sense (because it’s my rules or the highway which satisfies the control freak in me in so many ways) and requires more than a notebook and a pen.  Or my computer, whichever is more convenient depending on my location.  I’m always writing.  Which means I’m always giving myself a little TLC every day.



If you do something every day, without fail, even if it isn’t of quality or winds up in your story, but qualifies as the activity in question, does it fall into the category of me-time?    Or is that activity one of the people on the rope in the constant tug-of-war that constitutes as our lives?

Ultimately, my question stems from wondering if there is a thing as too much.  Is it possible to spend too much time writing?  My daughter tells me I’m trying to control her life, that I have a tendency to be pushy, annoying, expect too much of her, and yeah, worry needlessly (she didn’t read the contract apparently).  I’ve been told I don’t know how to relax, that I’m too practical.  To be truthful, I’m not sure what any of that means.  I have hobbies, granted I pursue them rarely, less often than I wish I could, sure, but I have them.

Also, this leads me to the question whether there can be such a thing as too much time spent writing.  Even of the practice writing or free writing.  But, from the other side of the equation, when I weigh it against how much of this writing is dedicated toward my stories, it doesn’t even out in a way that I like.

Any thoughts?  I’d be interested in hearing what others think about this.  Am I driving myself nuts or have I been neglecting my own TLC?


4 thoughts on “TLC for me?

  1. Gosh, this is a tough one. I am exactly the same as you with regards to your personality so I can relate to where you are coming from. The problem that I have if I do get opportunity to have a little bit of TLC time is that I am invariably thinking about writing, the next book, the next blog post etc.. and so I get all itchy and fidgety until I have to grab a notebook or the computer. For me, at present, writing is my TLC time and I don’t think that you can write too much… but… there does need to be a balance. There are occasions when my ten year old asks me to turn off the computer and at that point I realise that I have perhaps neglected other areas of my life. As with everything, it is a perpetual balancing act. 🙂

    • Balance, it seems to be a theme for the past couple of months. Finding a balance in all things. It’s not an easy proposition no matter which way we look. Something has to be sacrificed in one way or another until we are asking ourselves where and when do we put our foot down? The older we get, and subsequently the older our kids get, the harder it gets. Do you think when we become officially successful as writers it’ll get easier? Then we’ll be justified in spending more time to writing and have clear office hours and thereby shifting the balance the other way?

      • I think it will definitely help if and when we become successful as a writer because then we can justify the hours that we spend against an income. Although we all know that we write for the love of it, it is immensely difficult to justify it to anyone who is not a writer, when you are spending hours and hours typing away to effectively no avail.

        I reckon we will always be striving to work it out! 🙂

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