Show vs. Tell: When to Tell

Part 2, a good read!

First, if you missed How to Show, go check it out. For those who read it, you may recall my promise there to address the age-old question:

In writing a novel, when is it appropriate to ‘tell’?

Because it is appropriate at times—even necessary. Telling most simply means a concise statement, and really, that can be a good thing much of the time. “Tell” statements provide necessary information without dramatization or leaving things open to interpretation.

It’s about finding a balance and writing with purpose. It’s also about identifying what the focus is for each scene and using the most effective tools and methods to bring out that focus in order to guide the reader through a more enriching experience.

The question to ask one’s self is, Do I want my reader to experience this scene? Or, is the scene less critical or perhaps meant for an entirely different purpose?

A Few Reasons to Tell

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