New Year, New Strokes

With the coming of a new year, we tend to be filled with hope and wishful thinking.  It means a new start….


And sometimes you’re hit with a 2×4 that makes the world crash down around you with nothing to hold you up but whispers of hope and Jack Daniels for a single night.  You’re numb inside with a heart that feels more like wood or steel than anything else.  You can’t explain it to yourself or to others, but all you know is this:

2014 is going to suck.


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Strokes

  1. 2014 is going to be a year of adventure, a year of change. Change is always hard as we get good at doing the same things. But once we realize that change is needed and we add some adventure to it change can become something as beautiful as the twinkle in a childs eye or the sound of the dog playing with his playmate. It’s only then you remember you don’t have but one dog! Hmmm…. well back to adventure – just remember it too can be scary, I know, I found that out on my first roller coaster ride. But now it’s fun! So, lets welcome 2014 in and show it that we are not scared any longer.

  2. 2014 is going to be difficult, but people are still going to read you and maybe your blog will be one thing that one person somewhere looks forward to. It may suck but i am going to wait for it to suck before i make the decision that it does suck. I sure hope you keep writing in spite of the suckiness.

    • Writing is my one salvation. It has always gotten me through the good and bad times. With the written word I have power and strength which is what will get me through what is happening now. My characters never leave or abandon me and they nuture me, as does this blog now. More than a few years ago. My posts may be on the darker side of life for awhile and maybe I will find that by the end of the very rocky road ahead of me that I am better for it.

      Thank you for your thoughts and words of encouragement Tom. I will probably need them quite a few times in the months ahead.

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