Sledge hammer, meet wall

Today started easy for me.  The kids are spending the weekend elsewhere so I get the house and my time to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my children, would be lost without them, but it’s so nice to have the only noise in my house be caused by me or by the dogs.  Well, let’s sum up it as heavenly and call it good shall we?

I woke up early because the dogs needed to go outside, but then I shuffled my happy self back into bed and stayed there until 10 AM at which point my Dad called me to check in on me.  See how I’m doing, let me vent a little about whatever pops into my noggin.  Ever since he’s moved back to the US, it’s been much easier to talk to him so I’m grateful for that.  After we got done talking, I pampered myself.  I don’t have anything elaborate in the way of pampering, but it’s the little things ya know?

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are ...
Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows (Photo credit: symphony of love)

After that I watched a movie, Demolition Man.  Hadn’t watched it in forever so that was a nice blast from the past.  Then I went upstairs to my computer.  I did it because my Dad told me that I needed to sit down and pour some of what is in my soul into my writing.  In other words, to borrow from Nike, just do it.  I worried at first though because like I’ve been doing for the last month and a half, I started working on other projects.

All equally important, but it wasn’t my writing, but after an hour of that I took a breath and told myself I had to at least open a file.  Last time I did I had opened Ancient Magic, but today I chose to open Crescent Knights and go back to where I had left off.  The middle of Chapter 7.

I began to read, then I made small changes, then I made a huge change…

English: Man with sledge hammer, Gerhard Janen...

Then I got to the end of what was already there and kept going.  An hour and a half approximately later I realized that I had written 1600+ words.

BAM!  The sledge hammer has hit the damn wall in my head.  That blasted block which has been plaguing me since before the new year.  Is it gone?  No, probably not, but there is a massive hole through the blasted thing.

Anyone who is working through writers’ block can probably attest to this, when you manage to make headway through the block it feels soooo good!

So that is where I am, happier now than I’ve been in weeks.  My light at the end of the tunnel looks a little brighter because of this.  I hope that tomorrow it continues.  Writing 1600+ words in such a short time isn’t the best for my wrists, I know that, but when it pours out of you what can anyone do?  I doubt I’ll be able to do it again tomorrow….

Then again, maybe I will.  If I do, I’ll be sure to share it on Twitter.  😀


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