National Poetry Month

Poetry (Photo credit: V. H. Hammer)

For my current employment, part of my duties is social media. While I don’t mind doing it (any job where you get paid to be on Facebook and Twitter is not a bad thing in my opinion) and I’m learning a lot, specifically one thing is about myself.

I’ve said before I don’t write poetry because I’m not the best at it. I bat 1 in 1000 for what I have written, which is very few, and it’s close to a similar agony of having teeth knocked out in a fight to even try to write it. But I, like many in the US school system, have needed to read poems for assignments. I did this in High School and College, which is fine because it was usually limited to one or two, or a handful at the most.

I still have a paper where I received an A+ for about twenty poems that I read and evaluated. Reading the paper is to see my true opinion of poetry.

I don’t like it.

Shel Silverstein
Cover of Shel Silverstein

Poems have never really captivated my interest or inspired me to emotion. I get a lot of wonderful chuckles from Shel Silverstein’s poems, but Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, and other poetry greats leave me drowsy….

Does this make me a bad poster child for National Poetry Month? Probably, however, let me lead us back to what I’m learning for a second before I’m condemned by poetry lovers every where. Because this month is National Poetry Month and my job, I’m forced to look at poems almost daily. After about thirty minutes I have to stand up or I fall asleep (yes, I know, I’m in danger of being banned from the hearts of poetry lovers everywhere, but bear with me).

Yet, with that said, I am finding a few interesting pieces from time to time to me personally. Not to my job, but to me. Does it move me, no, but it does inspire some creativity in relation to my art. That’s something right?

The truth is this however, I’m not poetry fan material. I don’t see the point and I also don’t see how it can be inspiring as it has never been for me. I do understand how it can be both to others so I have no plans on condemning poetry writers or readers. I’m in my 30s now and after all the schooling and the prospect of every April having to comb through poems for suitable ones that fit the bill for my employer, I can’t see either changing in my future.

I won’t write it either except for the rare – very rare – occasion when I’m trying to force some type of writing. It’s not because I can’t because a previous post months ago showed that I can, it’s that I don’t want to.

With that said, I ask all my friends and followers who do love and adore poetry to forgive this one writer who has no interest in it at all. Please don’t abandon me for my sin yeah?

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2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

  1. Since many things are an acquired taste, it’s possible also that some things we just never like. Not that I want to get in trouble with either group of lovers, but I know many people who like beer, micro-brewed in particular. They have great stories about all the beers they’ve tried, etc. I can’t stand beer. Don’t even like the smell of it. If i had to sip a few different beers for my job, I’d probably look for a new job. But since I have no problem with those who like beer, they usually don’t dislike me too much. It’s highly possible I shouldn’t compare beer and poetry, but I think you get the point. 😉 I hope so anyway! 🙂

    • I also am not a huge fan of beer. I helped my step-dad brew his first batch of beer, but otherwise I’d rather not touch the stuff. LOL. I agree that each of us have our own tastes and enjoyments. Thanks for reading!

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