Which comes first?

The website or the platform?

Oh, wait, that is supposed to be a chicken and an egg isn’t it? Oh well, who cares. Clichés are meant to be broken!!!

…. Damn, did it again didn’t I?  I’d apologize but that insinuates that I’m sorry about it – when I’m not – so I won’t. 🙂

(However, I dare you to find the many clichés that populate this post! Count and let me know in the comments to see if you find them all.  Oh, and those that I break count!) 

I’ve been doing some research between moments of work, kids, and exhaustion. Which is a long way of saying rarely.  Despite that, I have come to an impasse in relation to deciding where to go next.

Social Media Landscape
Social Media Landscape (Photo credit: fredcavazza)

On one hand you have the platform, which for most is talking about social media and blogging. You know, what I’m doing with this site and what I’m sort of doing with my web/graphic design (I’m minus a blog there).  It’s about starting a dialog, peeking the interest of potential readers, fans, and soon-to-be obsessed adoring masses that will follow every single word of my soon-to-be-public pen name.

Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

On the other hand is the website, which is designed to fill in the details between the blog and the social media chit chatting you do while being hard at work as a writer.  For the moment we’re going to forget the distraction that social media causes in the average red blooded human and move on.

A website, on the other hand, is more time-consuming to get off the ground because first you have to fill it with whatever is going to be on the site. In theory that should be the blog and samples of your writing, details of your skills, about the books.  You know, all that good stuff when you want to smell like roses to those soon to be obsessed/adoring fans waiting for your accolades to fill the net.

Now, between the two when you come down to ease and time needed to get it off the ground – platform wins hands down because all you have to do is start accounts and away you go! In theory that is.


All those social media outlets need a place to point to. A way to say “Go here to learn of my greatness.”  Since we’re all inherently great, we can puff up our ego as much as we want in this endeavor.  That’s the point though right? We’re singing our own praises in a vain attempt to get others to notice that we’re the sapphire, diamond, or jade in the rough.  We’re jumping up and down to yell:

“Pick me!”

fill my bucket (b)
fill my bucket (b) (Photo credit: <rs> snaps)

When in reality we’re only a drop in a very, very large bucket.  Starting out our platform means we’re a far cry from being obsessed about by the myriad of fandoms that constantly pop up on a regular bloody basis.

On a side note: Is it any wonder writers are riddled with a constant voice of self-doubt that follows us through the narrow passages of our lives????  No, I thought not.

To be effective in creating these two begs the question: Which is better to do first? The social media platform that threatens to distract us from our passion or to build a website that will take a certain amount of time that, again, distracts us from our writing?

Now, I realize I have a benefit many of my fellow writers do not have.  I am a web/graphic designer by trade so I can build myself a website in vision within a day without any problems or hesitation.  It’d be fair to say I could do it in my sleep, but it’s the content filling part of it that takes the longest.  Considering the amount of time I have in my back pocket, I am unsure which I should direct my attention to first.

The website or the platform?

What do you all think?

P.S. In my next post I’ll answer the question of how many cliches I used and/or broke in this post.  Good luck!!!!

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