To nag or not to nag

As I was talking to my best friend, asking if she wanted to read bits of Crescent Knights, she reminded me of her role in my first book Memory Lane. As I got to the end of the book, she was the one always nagging for the next chapter. “What happens to Alex?” or “Where is the next chapter?” If memory serves, she even asked “What is taking you so damn long???”

So in honor of her reminding me, I reblog that entry from before. It’s over 2 years ago, but it’s still valid. Enjoy!

Surviving as a Single Mom


When someone nags you, the usual response is to say, “Knock it off!”  As a whole, people don’t like to be nagged. We’ll get to whatever it is when we’re bloody well ready thank you!

But sometimes we need to be nagged. Some people don’t get anything done unless they are nagged.  Some projects require that kind of hovering as well. We’ve heard or seen stories about the man complaining about their wife nagging them, usually with a mimicking of a high pitch voice to amplify what the wife in question is sounding like.  It always sounds worse than it does.

Well, a writer is one of those people who needs a nagger.  I’m sure there are some out there that don’t need one, I wouldn’t doubt it.  I’m also equally as sure that there are people who simply say that so-in-so merely supported them instead of nagged…

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